Over the last few years, as a Part A, and now Diplomate, Examiner, I have been running workshops for Public Health Registrars who are preparing for the exam. This material was originally produced in collaboration with Claire King (Consultant in Public Health at Cumbria County Council) and Hester Ward (also a Part A Examiner) who works for Public Health Scotland.

On 1 August 2019 Part A was rebranded as the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) Diplomate examination and Part B as 

the Faculty of Public Health Final Membership examination.

The workshops usually run twice a year to coincide with preparations for the January and June Part A Examinations. They are intended for Registrars training in Scotland but in the past, people from other Deaneries have joined in by Skype, FaceTime etc. Sometimes it is possible to run joint sessions with Registrars training in the North West of England. Please email me to discuss.

Advice  is given strictly in accordance with the Faculty of Public Health's Examiners' Guidelines on confidentiality: Examiners may be asked to give advice to registrars on the preparation for the examination. They are warned to take care and are recommended to respond to registrars’ requested areas of revision rather than to initiate topics. During the period between the examination and up to the Examiners' meeting no direct feedback is allowed between Examiners and candidates.

The Examination

The examination consists of two written papers. Each paper is in two sections, so there are four exams in all. The examination takes place over two days twice a year in London.


Paper I is designed primarily to test knowledge. The knowledge part of the syllabus is broken down into five sections further details of which are available in the syllabus. Candidates must answer 10 compulsory short-answer questions across the range of the syllabus to demonstrate their knowledge of the core sciences of public health. Paper II is designed primarily to test skills. Some core data-handling skills and the ability to perform core statistical techniques will be required in the examination.

Candidates who pass the exam are eligible to become Diplomate Members of the Faculty, and to go on to take the Final Membership Examination.

Diplomate Examination Links

You may find these links helpful in preparing for the Diplomate Examination.

Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Public Health Diplomate Exam Web Pages are a good resource and are regularly updated. The following sections  will probably be useful:

Ed Jessop's Part A Course

  • Edmund Jessop's Part A Website contained some useful information, including details of his Part A Preparation Courses which were well regarded by Registrars I have spoken to. He has now retired and the website seems to have gone offline. I've left the link here in case it comes back online.
  • There is a useful Course Handout Booklet here and the link still seems to be working (December 2019).

Steven Senior's Part A Preparation Blog

Steven was the winner of the Michael O’Brien prize for the June 2018 sitting of the exam and was asked by the Faculty to give some advice to candidates about preparation.

Other Resources

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