Beocenter 3500

I've been collecting vinyl records for quite a few years and listen to them on a vintage Bang & Olufsen music centre. The Beocenter 3500 was produced between 1972 and 1976. Those made in the last year of production had a black anodised front panel so this one must be from 1975 at the latest. It was one of the many B&O products designed by Jacob Jensen.

It was developed by combining the Beomaster 3000 receiver (amplifier and FM tuner) introduced in 1970 and the Beogram 3000 turntable which was produced from 1972. It was available in teak, rosewood or white trim. Mine is a rosewood one. It would have cost £266.50 in 1975 - over £2,000 in today's money so it was an expensive piece of kit.

It had been refurbished by an enthusiast who sells items on FaceBook and I've done a few little jobs and running repairs since I've had it - it is well into its 40s! I have repaired the tuning slider which had become detached from the mechanism, replaced the drivers in the Beovox S 50 speakers (which are a little later - produced between 1981 and 82), added a "Rabbit Ears" aerial and found a replacement for the small perspex cover that protects the FM station preset dials. Recently the green "Stereo" light went out. It was just the tiny 40-odd year old bulb that had failed - a very fiddly job to replace!

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